Monday, September 20, 2010

Gravitational Induction update Sept 20th, 2010

Gravitational Induction update Sept 20th, 2010

Over the past month I have managed to obtain access to online scientific journals. How ironic that scientific research - the cult of objectivity and progress - is still steeped in medieval guild-culture. In an age where the diffusion of knowledge is becoming wide-spread, these important papers of research are not made available to the unwashed public; only universities and research establishments have the luxury to be able to afford full access. It ain’t right.

With a few hours of poking around, I found the closest match to a researcher capable of determining if a high-energy plasma can induce gravity.
Of course, Dr. Niansheng Qi* who works for the L-3 Company is concentrating on plasma densities and not actually looking for a gravitational induction effect, but I wondered if his tools might be capable of discerning it.

Emailing him, I asked if the data revealed any laser disturbance outside the plasma sheath, to which he replied in the negative, which of course was a great disappointment for me.

I can only console myself with the hope that a gravitationally induced ‘tug’ or shift towards the plasma implosion would be very weak and would not register on anything but the most sensitive laser-optical interferometer. I am to understand that the most precise lasers can measure a disturbance at 1 x 10 to the -15m.
A lesser magnification reveals a flat-line, but higher magnification?

I will keep looking and asking around - perhaps there are other researchers out there with more precise instruments who are willing to look a little closer at their data.

*Magnetic Field Diffusion and Enhanced Resistivity in 12-cm-Diameter 200-ns 3.5-MA Z-Pinch Implosions

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