Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Limitations of Quantum Mechanics

Imagine for a moment, god-like creatures looking down upon the Earth, creatures who's time consciousness is accelerated, so that to them our 24 hour day was no longer than that of a heart beat. They might view these glowing cities that spread over our planet as mere crystals, and could justifiably make quanta predictions on the sustainability their growth, based on the lub-dub of their pulsations: five beats caused by our 9-5 traffic, with the two pulse pause created by our weekend.
To these gods, the business of individuals could only be resolved by their mass movement along roads and freeways and the gods might - correctly so - speculate that this flow could be considered as discrete packets of mass/energy.
As with quanta mechanics, the model is limited by the belief that the only important factor is what the bulk of the packets are doing at any given moment...but you and I know that other factors are in play. Between the 9 to 5 lub-dub of our traffic flow, during the dead of night sanitation workers and vital resources that make a city run are on the move. These are errant particles that quantum mechanics do not account for and consequently these gods only have a stilted picture of the actual reality.

In my opinion, this is a problem that 21Century physics has to come to terms with. Quantum mechanics is an artificial overlay of reality, and it may well be that vital forces of nature are being overlooked because of the faith we have placed in our statistical calculations.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wikipedia's Child

Hmmm! I've got an idea that was inspired by my WayBack Machine rant.
A WIkipedia without organizing and censoring administrators, because - as I was writing about the WayBack machine - I came to realize that ALL human generated data is useful. With the exception of a small administration that essentially controls repetitive spamming, - or or whateveryouwanncallit - is intended as a topic based free-for-all battle of opinions and statements, no matter how accurate or outrageous. If managed properly, I bet it would become more popular than Wikipedia- nay - more popular than the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - and all within a few years, too!
The key is a search capacity that reaches down through successive layers of editings (nothing is ever really overwritten) so that you can reach down deep and pull the information you are looking for. For example, under a controversial topic, say, UFO's you could gather info on how many entries were pro and anti, what facts and arguments are presented.
This is the problem - and the Achilles Heel of the present Wikipedia - It is defined through the eyes and sensibilities of its administrators, a filter of contemporary - and thus temporary - standards that claim to be empirical and thus in error, but even more damning - such an approach is censoring and even more heinous, it's boring!

Death of the Wayback Machine - a fond farewell

Web archaeology will be a major profession some decades down the road. This is what I predict their synopsis of the WayBack Machine will be:

"...The WayBack Machine is the foremost resource for early web research by web archaeologists. This rich database stretches from 1996 until 2008, at which time the organization reverted to the pre-web concept of categorization.
This was a mindset failure which left the years from 2008-XXXX a corrupted record. We now understand that the whole concept of raw data classification is counter-productive for two fatal reasons:

1. The scope of the Human experience is so vast that it defies classification.

2. The individual volunteers invited to administer the categorization of the database were creatures of their own time, complete with their own unique preferences and biases.

Perhaps the change was influenced by the Wikipedia method of knowledge storage which they mistakenly thought applied to their own dicipline.
In their defense, the progenitors of the change were dealing with an inordinate quantity of data which grew at an exponential rate each year, and the demise of the WayBack Machine may have been thought up as an act of necessity.
Be that as it may, the decision to revert back to a pre-web method of knowledge storage, rendered their data from that point on a severely damaged and unreliable resource, except in the field of web psychology, who have inadvertently been offered a vast resource and have gained remarkable insights into the psyche of those administering the database..."

A few months go, I was accused of plagiarism. With a few deft keystrokes, I was able to PROVE that my work preceded my accusers by many years.
This was all done with the help of the WayBack Machine. Alas, no longer can we rely on such a a simple, yet ingenious method of data discovery - it is being done for us by our contemporary 'experts'.

If I had submitted my data in the present context, it would most likely have been dismissed by those administrating for lack of proper classification - and my accuser would stand unchallenged.

-So goodbye WayBack Machine, and thank you so much for being there. I - and I suspect future generations of web researchers - will miss you.

Monday, December 7, 2009

What a great was?

Please understand, I'm just a casual user and I only have the vaguest knowledge of recent evolution of the Wayback Machine.

But I have this to say. I'm disappointed.
Perhaps it is due to the sheer burden of archiving such voluminous material that the method for collecting data has been forced to change, I don't know. It would appear that, like empirical scientists you now break down everything into distinctive topic matters, just like Yahoo. (Is that why I use Google now?)
Please follow my string - I'll get back on topic shortly - I loved it when these carpetbaggers came into my local community in Highland Park (one of the poorest neighborhoods in Michigan) in an attempt to literally steal the city's water utility (designed by Henry Ford in 1915)
These business thieves had hidden their tracks well, removing their previous 'business venture' websites in an attempt at a clean slate. Fortunately, with a quick check on the Wayback machine I was able to find their past dealings and bring it to the attention of the Highland Park Council before it was too late.
It would not be an exaggeration when I say that were it not for the Wayback Machine, Highland Park would have found itself in a heap of trouble.

I also liked the fact that it was general: On the Wayback Machine you could just submit your site and that was it. It was perfect for someone such as myself to whom the term 'generalist' could be applied. Some folks have even jokingly called me a renaissance man because of my wide scope of interest upon which in which I like to create or comment.

So where do I fit in this new defined scheme of things?

I've made my living as a full time fine artist, but my medium is unique and does not fit your categories. My interest in the sciences - thirty years worth - is for the most part completely heretical, yet my ideas are followed by some of the World's most knowledgeable plasma physicists. My website contains my animations, lyrics, music, movies, community sites. My webserver is a veritable feast of disparate delights, a confusion of disciplines that is subtly connected. My website IS my art.

Is there room for me in this New Order?

Couldn't but help notice that the Wayback Machine discontinued tracking me after 2008. Perhaps one of you 'experts' saw me for what I was - a messy unclassifiable conglomeration that does not fit the new matrix - DELETE!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why nuking the Sun is a very bad idea

Letter to the future,

"The Sun is NOT s bowling ball. It's a balloon"

Stephen Goodfellow 2009

Please note that this document - written in December of 2009 - was created before anyone came up with the stupid idea of nuking the Sun.
If you need proof of this, please go to and check on the voracity of this statement. Consequently, this is plainly a proactive document, not a sensationalist reactive attempt to play upon peoples fears.
The preemptive date should give you pause for thought, and let it be noted that the author wrote the following because it is the nature of Mankind to try everything that has never been tried and while usually comfortable with this philosophy, this is the one case where it is a very, very bad idea.

Please note that you are reading this precisely because no one has ever launched a nuclear warhead at the Sun, and should some government or institution ever take it upon themselves to enable such an insane project, then

You have no choice other than to stop them!

Should you fail to do so, then you and everybody you know, and the whole Human Race, and all the animals and plants that dwell upon the surface of planet -

Are all going to die!

The government or institution that dreams this insane project up will consist of learned scientists who will claim they know how the Sun functions.
They do not.
If they did, they would never dream of performing such a foolishly irresponsible act. Unfortunately, complacent arrogance is the lot of institutionalized scientific endeavor and it is this which makes it so dangerous. They will smirk at any arguments associated with the danger involved in what they wish to attempt and will claim that these arguments are not on a sound scientific footing.
For this reason, I will make a running start at the observational contradictions that pertain to the solar hydrogen fusion core theory.

Put simply, if you prod a bowling ball with a needle, no harm comes to the bowling ball...

...but it you prod a balloon with a needle, the balloon will burst.

The danger lies in the fact that the vast majority of solar physicists are convinced that the Sun is a large gas ball, getting ever denser towards its center. Upon such an object, little or no effect would be discerned were one to trigger a nuclear blast.
But what if the Sun's mass is distributed in a thin shell? Upon such a body, a pin-point nuclear blast could have disastrous effects.

The scientists who will forward a project as dangerous as this, will have learned their trade by rote and will be little more than glorified priests, smug in their myopic knowledge, a circular reasoning founded on shaky assumptions. Their air of authority will impress those who are able to secure the resources necessary to make their deadly project a reality, and it will be your duty to convince these people of power that the so-called scientists should not be allowed to proceed with their hair-brained venture.

Let us say for the sake of argument that their assumptions about the nature of the Sun have a 90% chance of accuracy. 10% error? Would YOU take such a gamble with your life? Would you allow everyone on Earth to take that chance?

The horrible reality is that the chance of their assumptions being correct are zero.

Here then, are some basic contradictions in the hydrogen fusion core theory that make it so patently absurd:

  • The Sun's atmosphere is hotter in its exterior layers than its lower ones.
    This contradicts the law of thermodynamics. Would you not be surprised If you were in a room with a pot-bellied stove which you discover when brushing up against the cast iron appears to be cooler than the surrounding air?
  • Sunspots
    Sunspots are depressions on the Sun's photosphere are cooler and darker than the surrounding shell. If the sun's energy were emanating from the interior, ought sunspots not be brighter and hotter?
  • The solar rotation
    According to the accretion theory of the solar system, like a spinning ice skater drawing in their arms, the Sun ought to have the lion's share of angular momentum, yet the outer gaseous giants hold the majority of spin. The Sun's rotation is way too slow. It has been argued that the Sun's rotation has been slowed down by 'magnetic braking', yet Jupiter with its intense magnetic fields rotates at a healthy clip.
  • Solar magnetic loops
    Despite the Sun's intense gravitational field, magnetic loops consisting of high energy plasmas show no distortion due to the Sun's strong gravitational pull. The potential force of high energy plasma is 1 x 10 39th power stronger than the gravitational potential, a fact completely ignored by proponents of the hydrogen fusion core theorists.
  • Controlled nuclear fusion - the lack of it
    Despite over fifty years of concerted effort, fusion researchers have not succeeded in creating sustained nuclear fusion. The chief reason for this is the inability to contain the magnetic instabilities that appear in the trapped super-hot plasma.

If any of these items give you the slightest pause for thought, that PERHAPS these scientists don't know quite as much about what's going on with the Sun as they think they do,

Then they have no business putting our planet at risk
by launching a nuclear warhead at the Sun!


You MUST do everything in your power to STOP THEM!
- Or you will DIE! -

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The movie - "I learned it on YouTube!"

I learned it on YouTube

I can drive a freight train
Operate on your brain
Grease a pig with Jiffy-Lube
- I learned it on YouTube

I can build an H-Bomb
Stretch the head on a tom-tom
Distilate jet-fuel from crude
- I learned it on YouTube

Ask me how - to fire up a light house
Ask me how - to steal cheese from a door mouse
Ask he how - My hands are clasped in Crazy-glue
- I learned it on YouTube

I can truss and roast a duck
Commander a dump truck
Dress a cat up as a shrew
- I learned it on YouTube

Ask me how - I open a banana
Ask me how - I tranquilize a llama
Ask me how - Turn the llama into tasty stew
- I learned it on YouTube

I'm a disciple I've discerned from this Bible that God is a UFO
Those creatures'll seize ya, they'll prod and they'll squeeze ya
They don't care if you have to go

I've learned there's no hope
I've learned to smoke dope
I've learned.........I've learned to Twitter!

It explains why I'm a couch potato
A cave slave bound up all in chains by Plato
My life is just a shadow - one big screw
- I learned this on YouTube

Show me how - steal Photoshop with peer to peer
Show me how - Lifting MP3's while drinking beer
Show me how - Learn to live if you don't have a clue
- I learned it on YouTube

Tells me why - Forty-two and I still live at home
Tells me why - Girls don't like me and I live alone
Tells me why - I'm feeling like a worn-out shoe
- I learned it on YouTube
- I learned it on YouTube