Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ithican thoughts - Neutrinos Non-Space and electric sun

I am in Ithaca, visiting my in-laws and reading "Electric Sun" which was loaned to me by Dr. Ron Gilgenbach

The "Electric Sun" gives a much more convincing argument than the Hydrogen-Fusion core model, the author even suggests that nothing is gong on in the Sun's interior, although he only does so in a manner of speech; if he only know how correct he is!

The main flaw of the "Electric Sun" is sadly similar to that of the hydrogen-fusion core theory, sad because plasma physicists ought to know better than to surrender to the original preconceived concept that the Sun is a gravitationally bound ball of matter.
After painstakingly describing how the electromagnetic plasma forces completely dominate over the gravitational force, why do they meekly surrender to the idea that the Sun is a gravitational ball of mass.
Any way you cut it, bringing together a significant amount of mass such as that needed for a proto-star in space is going to cause significant angular momentum, which in turn will, yes, cause gravitational contraction. But this contraction will result in violent heating long before the proto-star mass can coelesque into a ball. High temperature heating combined with angular momentum will create a dynamo effect. Powerful plasma double layers will occur. In force of the electromagnetic moment of the plasma will way outstrip any gravitational consideration - and yet even the plasma physicists cannot rid themselves of the last vestige of the gravitational boga-boo.

It is time to go back to beginnings and see the universe through new eyes.

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Unknown said...

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