Friday, December 12, 2008

"Just the facts, Ma'm..." If you want a clear picture of how to go about building a space elevator, you cannot do better than visiting The Space Elevator Blog. Concise and interesting, a great resource for learning the principles of space elevator construction.


Unknown said...

hello friend. You commented on one of my blog posts on one of my blogs recently.

I really admire you. Not often you find a man with actual brains!

This whole space elevator concept, it is a really interesting one.

However, the limiting factors are stacking the odds against you, aren't they? I mean, technology hasn't yet advanced to the point of a space elevator being possible even if sufficient funding was provided.

Then again, it's best to begin research right now, so that when we get to the technology, we will already know how to use it.

The current economic downturn is another hindrance, and it may just spell the end of the technological age, and the birth of a much stupider one(God forbid).

Anyway, keep thinking out of the box, it's people like you that keep the world from falling apart.

Goodfellow said...

Hi Subhash,

Tanks for your kind words.

Yes, I believe you are correct. The technology isn't there yet, but neither was the technology to land a man on the Moon when the idea was first conceived. When Kennedy announced in the early sixties that the US would have a man on the Moon in ten years, I'll bet there were a lot of scientists scratching their heads. However, as it turned out they succeeded - and in less than ten years.

As to the incentive for building a Space Elevator, I suspect the US Administration will not allow another nation be the first to haul scalable amounts of material to high ground, and the Japanese are committing to a ten billion investment to get the the thing going. Do I smell a space elevator race?