Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stephen Goodfellow's off-the-cuff 13 steps to Happiness

1. Try not to damage your health having a good time.
2. Try not to let other people damage your health.
3. Try to not be afraid of death.
4. Walk, picknic and converse with friends as often as you can.
5. Be honerable.
6. Frequently reflect upon life, the Universe and everything.
7. When confronted with a revelation, try to let go of preconceived ideas.
8. Stay away from organized religion.
9. Uncompromisingly love those you surround yourself with.
10. Go to extreme measures to avoid people you find unpleasent.
11. Try to avoid being ensnared by the dreamscape of others.
12. Do what you want to do.
13. Try to avoid twelve step programs.

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