Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WikiWar: Why Governments and Corporations will lose

Since WikiLeaks proprietor Julian Assange was arrested in Britain on the thinnest pretext, the Wikileaks battle, has started to rage. By Wednesday evening was brought down, then "Operation Payback" - a loose affiliation of cyber revolutionaries - had already crashed the Swedish prosecutors website and the Swiss bank that had kicked Wikileaks off its account. PayPal, Amazon and a host of other clueless corporations and politicians have found their websites either under siege or brought down.

US State Department, Swedish judicial system, British judicial system. All swayed by a cadre of heavy-handed back-door diplomats. It is amazing to see the arrogance - and ignorance - of these powers-that-be. With no attempt at due process of law, these institutions sucked up to their puppeteers and did their dark bidding - and the indicted corporations that assisted in this travesty are now paying the bitter price by losing what they crave the most: money, profits.
Incredible as it may seem, the nature of the internet befuddles them, they have demonstrated to all that they have no clue of the consequences that will inevitably follow in the path of their ill thought out and shameful actions.

And this is amazing, because for most of us, there could never be a more clear-cut, black & white separation of sides: The hidden lies, the money, the power aligned against revelations of truth. It is simply a war between subterfuge and transparency.
Never before has the beast been so blatantly forced to show its ugly head, and this time - this time, the good guys are going to win.

Compounding their mistakes, The US State Department will probably attempt to have Wikileaks branded as a terrorist organization, which will only pour oil on an already furious fire that will ultimately consume the individuals involved in this shameful cover-up.

Why will the forces of of evil fail?
Because many of the techies and code monkeys who are (under)paid by these corporations and institutions have no loyalty, a behavior weaned out of them by lower wages, fewer benefits. Or they are simply contract laborers not beholden to their masters. Can you can guess what a LOT of these good folks do when they get home and switch on their PC's? That's right - they bite the hand that feeds (bleeds) them. They fly to aid Operation Payback, they help Wilileaks. And they do this because they know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. If you have seen "Fight Club", you know what I mean. There is simply NO WAY the corporations can insulatee themselves from a determined attack by the athackers, none.

The scales of battle are already tipping in the favor of the rebels, even the old-fashioned media machine is starting to realize this too. And beginning to smell blood.

Consequently, the ONLY way the secretive governments and their lackey cooperations could win at this point, is to close down the internet, NOW - and they can't do that because it is the corporatist life blood - the corporations are addicted to the torrents of MONEY the internet procures for them.
Eventually, they will get fed up with and lose tolerance for these government officials who are ruining their profit margins and there will be a little quiet power struggle. The corporations will order the statesmen to back off.

Almost overnight, the new World Order has become the Old World order, and it is happening almost as fast as I can write this.
The end result is inevitable. Meet the new boss - as if we didn't know it all along. A subtle change of scene - you won't find it announced in the news (well, perhaps Wikileaks.) The the corporations will be the masters, and the nation-states do their bidding. Some would say this has already happed, but after this debacle there can be no doubt. And I suppose we should feel good about that, because after all, according to the US Supreme Court, corporations are people too.
In the aftermath of this stream of lies and subterfuge there will be endless boards of inquiry in a plethora of varied nations. They will all want to know what diplomats pulled which switches, and when they did it. There will be scapegoats, there will be a reckoning of sorts.

- And then the corporations are going to have to figure out how to cut the balls off the hatackers who can be at their throats at ANY time.

So - what comes next is anybody's guess.

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